This weekend we were celebrating my mom’s birthday. Luckily Hamburg organized some party and celebration as well. The well known „Hamburg Cruise Days“ together with the former art project „blue port“. A former colleague of Nadja did some celebration also … So all in all: some fine weekend 🙂

For the cruise days the MS Europa, MSC Magnifica, MS Deutschland and two of the AIDAs came to visit. On Friday and Saturday we were spoiled with two great fireworks (actually three, as the Hamburg DOM also added one …).

Last but not least we had the CSD 2014 this year also this weekend – all this with sunshine/no rain and temperatures at 25°C at 01:00am each night.

Just a recommendation while being in Hamburg and you want to get the best cocktails in town, „coast by east“ Hafencity. Great location and great drinks – nothing like the cheesy tourist bars …

So now let me share some pictures: